Welcome Hub

We recognise that Northmoor Academy is unique in its context and although that will bring challenges, we embrace this as an opportunity to learn and develop the best practice for our children. There are many barriers to learning and most pupils are affected by disadvantage in some way or another. Despite this fact, we have the overwhelming belief that every child should believe, achieve and succeed.

Our Approach to Teaching and Learning is based upon the values we uphold. Respect, trust, nurture and acceptance underpin our ethos and the development of the whole child. Our children will be confident individuals who have positive attitudes, a growth mindset, metacognition skills and a sense of responsibility for their learning. We will ensure that every member of staff has high aspirations for our children, so that they are challenged to be the very best that they can be.

Our school profile shows that 90% of our children are learning English as an additional language and that 50% of our children are new to the UK since 2017. We have responded to the profile of the academy, to ensure that our provision matches the needs of all our children and their families.

In order to do this we:

  • have established a process of admission and induction which ensures that children and families feel welcome and supports a range of emotional and social needs.
  • have implemented an effective assessment process to accurately identify the needs of Newly Arrived children and their families.
  • provide English Language Classes and workshops for parents.
  • encourage parents to spend time in the classrooms with their children.
  • host community coffee mornings, which develop support networks.
  • provide interpreting and translation services, as required.
  • provide information and experiences, which support the transition to school.
  • ensure that provision is appropriate to the different stages of language acquisition.
  • have developed a flexible approach to school organisation, to ensure that newly arrived children get the right balance between time with their peers and the ‘Welcome Hub.’
  • have driven the development of an appropriate curriculum design, which accelerates the acquisition of English.
  • maximise the progress and learning of NAC through expert teaching.
  • minimise the impact of barriers to learning through the involvement of the Multi-Disciplinary Team.
  • signpost families to external agencies for support with additional needs, including SEND and Health (and support them through the process).
  • work closely with parents, so that they understand the importance of coming to school every day.
  • have sought specialist support and expertise where needed, for example, Sheffield ILS EAL/INA Team.
  • link with external agencies where appropriate; for example, Gateway Programme, British Red Cross.
  • have developed partnerships with successful schools in similar contexts.