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At Northmoor Academy we aim to improve both the attainment and achievement of all our pupils regardless of their circumstance. Raising the aspiration, attainment and self-esteem of our least financially advantaged students is a major priority of the school. At Northmoor we aim to improve both the attainment and achievement of our pupils regardless of their circumstance, giving every child the very best chance of success. 

Allocation of funding 2019-20

The academy priorities for 2019-20 are:

  • improve attendance and punctuality
  • ensure improved progress and attainment in reading
  • ensure the emotional well-being safety of pupils.

The Pupil premium allocation for the academic year 2019-20 was £207,240.
The table shows how the funding was allocated and spent within school:



Impact of the Pupil Premium Funding

School self-evaluation and monitoring shows the following strengths:

  • A wide range of appropriate teaching and learning strategies contribute to the quality of pupils’ work and learning. 
  • Feedback and Marking constructively contribute to children’s learning.
  • Almost all pupils demonstrate high levels of interest, enthusiasm and engagement in teaching and learning across the curriculum. (Pupil Questionnaires) 
  • Additional support is used effectively to enhance the quality of learning and progress of pupils with SEN and FSM. (Attainment Data)
  • Effective deployment of staff and the targeting teachers /support staff / HLTA/ mentors to key groups is a strength of the school.
  • Excellent resources including ICT are used well to promote good learning.
  • The school has a very effective policy, systems and strategy for assessing, recording and reporting pupils’ progress that meets the needs of all.
  • Vulnerable Families received excellent support and have an improved attitude and awareness of the importance of education.


If you would like more information, please contact Mrs Coleman at our academy.

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