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News Report - The Great Fire of London

Date: 10th Nov 2022 @ 3:06pm

Year 1 have been learning all about The Great Fire of London! We acted in role as important people from 1666, Thomas Farriner, Samuel Pepys and King Charles II. We acted out a news report and asked some important questions and used our learning to answer them. 

Citrine Class Local Area Walk

Date: 9th Nov 2022 @ 8:00am

On Monday, Citrine class went on a local area walk around Oldham to get some inspiration for our Big Write this week - a dairy entry based on the story 'The Last Stop on Market Street'! While it was a little drizzly, we were able to find some very interesting things to talk about such as the mural of Oldham, the mechanic and his dog, and the bird hotel!

The Worst Witch

Date: 22nd Oct 2022 @ 7:34pm

We were studying The Worst Witch this week as part of our "Inspiration Texts" Curriculum Week.  When we came into school on Monday morning, we actually walked in to Miss Cackle's Academy!  We have completed character descriptions, created instructions for spells, made maths potions as well as creating our own animals and studying the history or witchcraft.

Bridges for King Charles!

Date: 17th Oct 2022 @ 11:57am

Y3/4 Garnet and Y3 Coral have been excellent engineers this week! The pupils received a letter from King Charless III himself, requesting they build a new bridge for the River Thames, in honour of Queen Elizabeth II. They worked in groups to design, build, test and evaluate brilliant briges that were fit for a royal! 

Year 4 - Oldham Library Theatre Trip

Date: 17th Oct 2022 @ 10:07am

Year 4 were lucky enough to get invited to Oldham Library Theatre to see a performance of Grandad Anansi.  The children loved the story and so did the teachers.  The children walked through town very, very sensibly and were a credit to the school. 


Y3 Local Area Walk

Date: 14th Oct 2022 @ 10:28am

This half term in our Geography, Y3 are studying 'Location, location, location!' We are learning about where we live in the world, and finding out all about our local area! As part of this, we explored Oldham town centre to discover what different human and physical features we could see. 

Water resistance Lesson

Date: 14th Oct 2022 @ 10:07am

Year five have enjoyed learning about water resistance and investigating which shape of boat works best.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Retell

Date: 12th Oct 2022 @ 9:56pm

In English, we have been looking at the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. This week, we have been retelling the story and used our body language and facial expressions to create freeze frames from the story! 

Air resistance science investigation

Date: 11th Oct 2022 @ 2:40pm

We had a great time learning about air resistance! By slightly altering different variables (such as the ammount of paper clips which were attached) we were able to see how it changed the time in which it took the spinner to reach the ground. 

Nursery Rhyme Fun

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 4:24pm

This half term we have enjoyed singing Nursery Rhymes and being involved in creative learning. We have enjoyed making buses and rockets in the workshop area. We have been exploring and developing our language during messy play.



Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 4:14pm

Reception enjoyed reading the story Supertato! The 'evil pea' visited our classroom and caused mischief so we made our own supertato's to save the day!

Countryside topic WOW starter

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 4:13pm

To introduce our Countryside topic Year 2 took part in a WOW starter. We talked about what we might find in the countryside and focussed on farm. We then tasted some delicious food that may be found on the farm. We tried cheese, blackberries, blueberries, yoghurt and bread. Why not ask about what your children know about food from a farm?

Magic money!

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 4:07pm

This week, Year 3 have been superb shopkeepers! We have been making and reading amounts with money. Why not test us at home? 

Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell.

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 4:06pm

Reception read the story Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell. We met Reggie our class pet and enjoyed holding him. We then had lots fun creating our own snail art.


Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 4:03pm

Reception read the story 'Funnybones'. We enjoyed cutting and sticking using art straws to make our own skeletons.

History - Comparing Primary and Secondary sources

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 4:01pm

Year 5 investigated primary and secondary sources. We worked in table groups to decide whether a piece of text or image is classed as primary or secondary. We had amazing class discussions!

Outdoor Learning

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 4:00pm

Reception enjoy using our excellent outdoor provision. We enjoy the large water play, the bikes and scooters, the climbing frame and the large construction, as well as all our other areas!

Romeo and Juliet Story Whoosh

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 4:00pm

The Year Five classes took part in a 'story whoosh' where we retold the story of Romeo and Juliet through acting. We were really impressed with all the fantastic drama skills the children were able to show us. 

Crafty crocodile breaks into Year 3!

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 3:59pm

On Monday morning, Coral and Garnet class were horrified to find their classrooms destroyed! A deadly intruder had snuck in and wrecked the rooms. The children bravely searched for the classrooms for clues and discovered it was the Enormous Crocodile! The police believe he was either seeking revenge or looking to devour juicy children! 

Fantastic Finish - Oldham Junk Modelling

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 3:59pm

We have been looking at Oldham for our Geography topic in Year 1! We used our learning to build some of the things that we saw on our local area walk! 

Year 2 visit to Smithills Farm

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 3:57pm

Year 2 had a wonderful day at Smithills Farm. We rode the donkeys, went on a tractor, fed the animals and saw cows being milked. We had lots of fun! Why not ask your child what their favourite part of the day was?

Tudor WOW starter

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 3:57pm

Year five have enjoyed their introduction to their topic on The Tudors.  They tasted Tudor pottage and made Tudor gingerbread.  They also experienced writing with Tudor pens and drawing houses from the period.  The children really enjoyed learning about the punishments of the time and playing some Tudor games.

Our independent learning in the continuous provision areas.

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 3:56pm

We are set weekly challenges to complete linked to our English, Maths and Inspire (topic) learning.

Year 4 Citrine Investigating States of Matter

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 3:53pm

In science we had a fantastic lesson on states of matter! We needed to poke, mix, pour and sprinkle different substances to decide what could be considered and liquid and what could be considered a solid. It got very messy but we had a lot of fun!

Year 1 Local Area Walk

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 3:52pm

In Geography, we have been looking at the features of our local area, Oldham. As part of this, we took a walk around Oldham and identified the human and physical features in the area, such as The Queen Elizabeth Hall, The Leisure Centre and the tram stop. We had so much fun! 

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