Family Support Services

We understand that many families who are new to the country, appreciate some extra support on their arrival to the area.  We are keen to provide this support as we know that the well-being of families has a direct effect on the ability of our pupils to reach their full potential.


Our Family Support team is available to assist families with many common queries and concerns.  One of our main aims is to support parents in increasing their confidence, life skills and language proficiency.  


What we do

As support workers, we can assess needs and provide direct support, this could be:


-        providing help in reading and translating (where possible) official letters and              forms.

-        liaising with benefit agencies and assisting with applications.

-        liaising with the housing department and landlords.

-        supporting families with access to health care by assisting with registrations for            doctors/dentists.

-        signposting families to immigration support.

-        signposting to foodbanks.

-        assisting families to apply for free school meals.


We also provide more holistic support, by providing advice and support for those needing help with:


-        Financial issues.

-        Parenting support. 

-        Mental health issues.

-        Domestic abuse.


We are also able to link parents to activities and groups in the community and identify English classes, college courses and supporting with voluntary work that could help gain employment.  


Of course, every family is unique, and if we cannot meet the need directly, we will identify a service that can and make appropriate referrals.


Where to find us


Parents can book appointments to see one of our team at our Family Support Office opposite the main reception.  


Daily drop-ins are also available between 8.20am and 9.30am and again between 2.30pm and 4.00pm.