National Online Safety Course for Parents/Carers


As adults, it is sometimes difficult to understand just how the world of technology has changed over the past 10 to 20 years and often our children have a greater understanding of the online world than we do.  Whilst online experiences are, most often, very good for children, it is not without risk and it is essential parents understand some of the problems and risks children face online.

At Northmoor Academy, we offer all parents and carers access to a high-quality training course from National Online Safety that provides an excellent short course on some of the basic knowledge you need to keep your child safe online. 

Access to your Northmoor account can be found on the link below:

Simply click through and register and then search for either of the following courses:

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Children at Northmoor experience online safety lessons from Early Years through to when they leave in Year 6, but a good parent or carer understanding of online safety can be instrumental in helping children to navigate the online world safely.