Induction and Provision

At Northmoor, we have a rich and diverse community that we are proud to support and serve. We celebrate the differences in cultures and faiths through a strong, positive academy ethos. 40% of our children are New to the UK and New to English since September 2017, these are our Newly Arrived Children (NAC). In September 2018, we created our 'Welcome Hub' for Newly Arrived Children. This was to give every child the best chance of success and to be responsive to the needs of our children, our families and our staff team. 

Induction to the Academy

The first two weeks of starting at the academy is a crucial time. All pupils need to feel safe and settled so that they are ready to learn. Upon starting at the academy pupils will participate in activities that are specifically designed to enable their induction and transition into the academy.

The purpose of this 2 week period is for:

  • emotional settling and nurturing.
  • establishing friendships through the ‘buddy system.’
  • induction to the academy – familiarisation with routines, key staff members, the organisation of the day, procedures, expectations.
  • assessment of the child’s use of English, spoken and written language.
  • establishing family needs (medical and social).
  • an introduction to the language needed to function in school e.g. toilet, lunchtime

Provision for Pupils at Key Stage Two - The Welcome Hub

The Welcome Hub is organised into two learning bases. This includes the Beginning English Base (Moonstone Class) and the Developing English Base (Firestone Class). On arrival at the academy, pupils spend the majority of their time in these bases, but are given many opportunities to integrate with their age-related peers. Pupils have access to the same specialist provision as their peers and the opportunity to excel in the arts. This includes a specialist sports coach, specialist music teacher and specialist drama teacher. All children learn to play an instrument. There is also a wealth of extra-curricular activities.

The purpose of the ‘Welcome Hub’ is to prepare children for the age-related National Curriculum. The academy acknowledges that this will happen at different rates depending on the child’s experiences, including prior schooling, and so the journey will be bespoke to the individual needs of the child.

The ‘Welcome Hub’ is led by the Assistant Principal, Miss Jordon with a staffing team which includes teachers and teaching assistants. They work flexibly across the bases and are deployed effectively to meet the needs of the pupils.

If you would like to learn more about our ‘Welcome Hub’ please do get in touch using the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website.