Year 5 and Year 6 (Upper Key Stage 2)

Purple Mash

All children at Northmoor have access to Purple Mash.  Your child’s teacher will set work on here.  Check the alert button on your child’s home page for work that has been set.  Otherwise, there are 1000s of fun resources for your child to explore on here, for all curriculum areas.

Accelerated Reader

Children in Years 5 and 6 have access to our Accelerated Reader programme.  Books on Accelerated Reader will have an orange sticker on their spine.  Each child has an individual login and the children can access a quiz about each text by following this link:


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The Children have been reading Ferdinand the bull in class.  This clip is a short version of the film ‘Ferdinand’.  The children could watch the film and see if they can add or change any of the characters.

Click here for the film:

Ferdinand the Bull - short clip

This website has lots of games the children can play to practise their spelling, punctuation and grammar.


We are currently writing texts associated with our topic, ‘Don’t cry for me… Argentina!”  This term, the children have created a persuasive leaflet for ‘The Grand Buenos Aires Hotel’, to encourage both tourists and local residents to stay. We have also written diary entries of a young traveller who is visiting the hotel as part of a holiday.

Can you write further diary entries about the traveller’s time in Argentina?  Can you write about visiting Iguazu Falls?  The following websites offer some information on these infamous waterfalls:


All children in Years 5 and 6 have been issued with a TT Rockstars login to practise their times tables:

TT Rockstars - Student Login

You will also find some fun maths games to play here for the children to practise their maths skills.

This site also has some games where your children can practise their mental maths skills.  The ones with the green button are tablet friendly.  The others need flash player.




Look on these websites for some facts about Spain.  Can you write a fact file about Spain?

Can you compare life in Spain to life in England?

Can you write about important festivals in Spain?

You could write a brochure page about Spain and why people should visit.


Don’t cry for me… Argentina!

Look on these websites for some facts about Argentina.  Can you produce a Fact File all about Argentina?

Can you research some of the things to do in Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires, using TripAdvisor?  After that, make a poster to advertise a popular tourist attraction or place of interest.


Our Year 6 children each have an account for the website, which allows them to practise and apply their grammar skills in mini ‘tests’ set by their teacher. All the children are aware of their unique username and password.

Home Resources

Twinkl is a website that many teachers use for resources to support their teaching.  They are currently providing free access to resources for parents so that you can help your child at home. Note:  you will need a printer to access most of these resources.  

For Year 5 home schooling resources click here

For Year 6 home schooling resources click here

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