We aim to provide an excellent education for our children, which develops the highest possible standards. We have an INSPIRE curriculum written by the academy. Everything your child does in our academy is part of this curriculum. The total learning experience is designed to maximise achievement within the National Curriculum and develop skills, attitudes and attainment in the widest sense.








Our Long Term Plans are in line with the National Curriculum and are devised to incorporate cross-curricular links – where and when appropriate – and to integrate the principles of the INSPIRE curriculum.

Teachers are given the freedom to adapt their class timetables in the afternoon to ‘block’ lessons and to ensure quality outcomes.

Opportunities are taken to extend the curriculum through the use of educational visits out of school, to involve parents, visitors, artists, crafts-people, actors, musicians etc. and through the use of the school grounds, the locality and the wider environment.

Termly Curriculum Weeks enhance the INSPIRE vision of the school, promoting a WOW factor and to foster a love of learning.  High quality displays are generated after Curriculum Weeks in order to celebrate the children’s learning and achievements.

The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum requires that children will be taught the following subjects:

Core Subjects

Maths, English, Science, Computing and R.E

Foundation Subjects

History, Geography, Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education, P.S.H.E. (Personal, Social and Health Education), MFL (Modern Foreign Languages)

We teach each of the National Curriculum subjects through one of our INSPIRE topics or themes. The themes reflect the children's interests and aim to inspire the children to learn.


Children have access to a range of technology such as laptops, iPads and a range of programmable devices. Our children are taught computing skills in a structured and progressive way. 

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